Mega Cloud Storage Security Analysis 2020

Mega Cloud Storage is one of the most famous cloud storage provider right now. In this article we will discuss about it’s features and it’s security.

Mega is fast and reliable if we talk about it’s smoothness. It has end-to-end encryption which provide you multiple types of security. No one else can access your files without your permission. Mega has free and paid plans if free storage isn’t enough for you then you can take a look into it’s paid is highly secured.

You can also referral your friends. If your referral purchase any plan then you will get some extra storage.

Mega Cloud Security

Mega also have a end-to-end encryption which protects it’s users account data. When you Upload a File in Mega You have a multiple types of security to protect your data.

Decryption Key

This will Provide End-to-End Encryption. If Someone have your data link then he must have a Encryption Key to View Or Download That Specific Data. Without That Key He/She won’t be able to download that data.

You will Get data key on Share Options.

Pro Plans Security Features

If you buy their Cloud plans then you will be able to use special security features.

We will talk about them in details below.

Expiration Link

This Feature is really Useful if you’re doing some critical work Like you’ve some data and you want to send it to someone. If you set a expire data then you’re data will expire on that specific Date. After expire date your client won’t be able to use that link anymore.

Password Protection

We already talk about its encryption Earlier on this topic but that feature is available in both plan (paid and free). This feature is really useful you can set a password to your link. So, if someone got that link he can’t access your data without knowing it’s password.

Share Files

It’s really awesome.If you got some data uploaded on someone else account and you don’t to download & upload it your own account. So, In this type of situation this gonna help you. Simply right click and click on share with me. So, that data will add into your account on Share files Folder. Hope you like it.

Referral Program

Mega is really awesome platform. They have a good strategy to get bench of users. Like Direct share link, Data share link, Chat share link, Video share link.

All these features is really helpful. You can attract more users by have multiple types of features.

  • Stop, There’s a problem like we can say a draw back means if you want to redeem your income then you must have to purchase their plan at once. If you don’t do this then you can’t be able to withdraw your funds.
  • There’s a 90 Days period. You have to wait 90 Days to Redeem your funds.
  • You must have to earn at-least $50 to withdraw your funds.
  • More important thing they also have a list of referral program rules.

You have 3 options in your referral dashboard.

Total Commission

Here you can see your total income status. How much you have earned so far.

Pending Commission

In this section you will your commission which is pending for clearance.

Available Commission

Your withdraw-able balance will appear here.

Achievements Mega Program

When you sign-up you will get free 50 GB Storage to store your data but here’s a thing which you must do this if you want more storage without spending a single penny.

Here’s Details about mega achievement

Registration BonusInstall MegaASYNCInstall Mega AppInvite Friend on Mega
Bonus Storage: 35 GBBonus Storage: 20 GBBonus Storage: 15 GBBonus Storage: 10 GB
Bonus Transfer: –Bonus Transfer: 40 GBBonus Transfer: 30 GBBonus Transfer: 20 GB
Expire After: 30 DaysExpire After: 180 DaysExpire After: 180 DaysExpire After: 365 Days

Mega Cloud Paid Services

Mega is really awesome platform which provide you multiple types of security features to protect your data. Also, It gives you free 50 GB Storage to Store your data. Mega gives you 4x more storage as compare to Google Drive. If it’s not enough then you can go with it’s paid plans.

They have different types of plans with different pricing and storage. You can choose according to your need.

Here’s a details Pricing Table of Mega Cloud Storage.

Pro LitePro IPro IIPro III
Price: 5$/monthPrice: 10$/monthPrice: 20$/monthPrice: 30$/month
Storage: 400 GBStorage: 2 TBStorage: 8 TBStorage: 16 TB
Transfer: 1 TBTransfer: 2 TBTransfer: 8 TBTransfer: 16 TB

If these plans aren’t enough then you can go with their business plans or contact with mega team and discuss your needs with them.

Mega Mobile App

They also have android app and IOS app. You can use to manage your data.

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