Mediafire Unlimited Bandwidth 2020 & APK Download

Mediafire Full Review 2020 with some new exciting updates. As we know mediafire is one of most famous free online storage providers with no bandwidth limitations.

People are using mediafire from around the world. More than 150 million people are using mediafire right now. In this article we will cover it’s new updates and features that are useful and you must know about them.

They also have mobile apps so it’s users can use their services from their mobile devices.

We will cover it’s top features in detail and also about their usage. Mediafire is Same as Google Drive and Mega cloud but the thing which makes it different from other services is It’s bandwidth. All other services have Bandwidth limitations. You can upload your files which are available from public download but the thing is matter it’s bandwidth. Mostly our bandwidth limit is reached so no one can download that data.

Mediafire Top Features

It has some exciting features which you guys must know about them. We will discuss these features in Mediafire full review 2020 detail.

Unlimited Bandwidth & Downloads

Some cloud services are good but at this point they have some bandwidth limitations. If that limit is reached then you can upload that to your cloud but no one can download your data because you’ve reached your limit.

But Mediafire has no issue regarding bandwidth. Most Youtubers and other popular people upload their files on mediafire. If you are running a site which provides downloading to it’s user then you should use mediafire. Mediafire has limited storage which is enough for newbies but there’s no bandwidth limits. So you don’t need to worry about download and bandwidth limits.

Upload Multiple Files

That’s a great feature which needs everyone because today’s life is so busy and no one wants to upload their important data files one-by-one. Just Click on the upload button and select your folder then select your files and start uploading. It Also has a smart up-loader so your files will upload by sequence. Uploading speed depends on your internet connection. If you’ve a fast internet then your files will be uploaded in seconds.

One-Time Links

Now you guys have this Question that this feature is simple and every cloud storage provider has this one but wait this is not that simple as you think. It’s a very important feature which other cloud service providers don’t have. Mega Cloud also has some really useful security features like Encryption key, Password Protection and expire-able link but this one is different. Let’s have a closer look at it.

For example you’ve a file which you want to share with someone but you don’t want to share with anyone else you want. So at that point you can use this One-Time Link feature. Share One-time Link with your friends & Clients. They can use that one-time link at once. After this they won’t be able to use that link again. If they want to be they can’t until you allow them.

User Friendly Environment

Google Drive and most other free cloud storage providers have this feature. You can create folders to make your work space neat & clean. You can copy, move and delete your files. Also you can set a password to your specific folder so if someone got your account email-password then don’t worry without that password he won’t be able to download or view that specific password protected folder.

Free Storage in Mediafire

When you sign-up first time you will get free 10 GB which is enough because mediafire has no bandwidth issues. Now mostly people think 10 GB Storage is not enough for us but don’t worry you can expand your storage upto 50 GB. Just download the mobile app and get free storage. That’s it.

Mediafire Apps

In this modern era every single person is using a smartphone. So, it’s important to have a mobile app which will do the same as the web version. Media fire has multiple platform support. Like android, Iphone, IPad and Android TV. We provided their download links in the bottom of this post.

Pro Features of Mediafire

Every service provider isn’t completely free in this world. If someone provides a service then he/she must need some money to maintain it’s services. They also provide many other useful features which aren’t available on their free plan.

If the free version isn’t enough then you can take a look at their paid services/plans. Let’s read in Mediafire full review 2020 paid features.

More Storage

Storage is the main factor of cloud service. If you purchase their paid plan you will get upto 1 TB Storage which is enough for individual’s. you can store anything on it.


In free plan you may see ads when you share a download link with someone But in a paid plan no ad will appear which provides a professional look to your Clients.

Direct Upload

It’s a really cool and useful feature. Maybe you didn’t understand how useful this feature is. In free plan you’ve to download data before upload which takes time but by Using direct upload you don’t need to download your data just directly upload it to your mediafire account from any website. This will save hours and make your work easier.

Direct Download Links

Everyone wants this feature in free version but sadly it’s not available but if you really want this then you’ve to purchase their paid plans.

Direct links help you to download your files without open Just open the direct download link into your browser and your files downloading starts.

Bulk Download

In the free version if you want to download your file you can’t be able to download those files at once. You’ve to download them one-by-one which takes time. In the paid version you can download the entire folder & files at once.

One-Time Links

We already discussed one-time links but in the paid version it becomes more useful. By using this only one person can download your files from a specific device. If he opens your one-time link on Apple Air 2020 and downloads data then he can’t be able to use that link anywhere except Apple air 2020. This feature provides you more security to your data.

MediaFire Paid Plans

Already discussed their paid and free features which you guys found useful but now it’s time to talk about their plans.

They have two types of plan. Pro and Business. Both have really useful features

Team Access:  1 UserTeam Access:  100 Users
Price:  $3.75 per monthPrice:  $40 per month
Storage:  1 TB (100 GB)Storage:  100 TB
Download entire folderDownload entire folder
Ad-free sharing & downloadingAd-free sharing & downloading
20 GB per file20 GB per file
Long term storageLong term storage
No captcha codesNo captcha codes
Direct links to filesDirect links to files
Upload from any websiteUpload from any website
Priority supportPriority support
Password protected filesPassword protected files
One-time linkOne-time link
File DropFile Drop
 Fully customizable branding
 Detailed security logs
 100+ additional users

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