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We received many request from more then 200 thousand peoples for plcoud full review in 2020. So, here we’re. pCloud has some exciting features but they also have some drawbacks which you need to know.When we look into cloud services provider we must have to know about it’s pros & cons. Every cloud services provider has common and special features. These special features which makes their service even more better. Pcloud claims that they have unbreakable security, Look dude nothing in this world is 100% safe.

They claims that more then 10 Million peoples everyday switch to plcoud to store their data that’s cool.

We will take a closer look and try to compare their services with Mega, Google Drive and mediafire. We already write detailed articles about them on our website. Go and checkout.

pCloud unbreakable Security

They have a multi Layer security but it’s not free. You’ve to pay for it. They have two types of plans “Annual” Or “Life-Time”. You can choose according to your budget. If you’re looking for long time solution then you should purchase their “Life-Time” Plan.

Both Plan Details Chart:-

pCloud EncryptionpCloud Encryption
Annual Price: 47.88$Life-time Price: 147$
Client side encryptionClient side encryption
Zero-knowledge PrivacyZero-knowledge Privacy

pCloud protection is specially for those who carry very sensitive data. It’s really a useful and most powerful protection.

If you encrypt your data once then no one can decrypt it except you. Even pCloud developers or it’s administrative can’t decrypt your data.

They said that no one can hack their security because they have a open challenge for everyone who wants to hack their client side software.

If you’re a hacker then you can try to decrypt it’s security. If you got success, you will rewarded by 100,000$. Right now more then 2860 peoples participated but no one can be able to hack it.

You can setup a crypto security by using web,mobile or desktop software.

Storage pCloud

When you first time sign-up on pcloud you will get 10 GB free storage which is less then Google Drive, Mega Cloud or Even Mediafire But don’t worry you can expand your storage upto 20 GB more by inviting your friends. Your invitation Storage will expire after a month.

If you want more then you should buy their paid services. By purchasing their paid palns you will get some extra features which is quite interesting. Below we created a chart of it’s pricing and extra features. Keep in mind they have to types of plan with two types of Pricing. “Annually” Or ”Life-Time” you can choose which suites to your budget.

Premium PlanPremium Plus
Storage:  500 GBStorage:  2 TB
Price Life-Time:  175$Price Life-Time:  350$
Annual Price:  47.88$Annual Price:  95.88$
Shared-Link Storage: 500 GBShared-Link Storage: 2 TB
Fair shareFair share
Shared link brandingShared link branding
30 Days trash history30 Days trash history

When you successfully purchase pcloud then you will get some extra features which you must need to now about its usage.

Media Player and Usability

This is really a good feature if you uploaded or want to upload videos on you pcloud account. You will get built-in video player which play video faster and provider video quality feature so you can change your video quality. You will also get Audio Player. Mostly useful feature for steamers is Video Steaming. If you want to make a playlist or your audio, video files, you can do this by using playlist feature.

Extra pcloud security

Security is main factor of everything. Pcloud will protect your data and prevent from accidental loss. When you uploaded a file they will upload that file on 5 different servers. So something happens to pcloud your data will be save on their other servers. They Provide 256 AES Security to all files. For more security you can purchase their Encryption service.

pcloud affiliate program

At now in August 29, 2020 pcloud have a exciting offer. If you invite someone and he purchase their plan without any cancellation then you will get $5 into your account which you can use to upgrade your account Or you can withdraw.

Storage affiliate program

I personally used this feature few months ago to expand my pcloud storage. I didn’t like it at all. There’s few drawbacks. You can invite upto 10 peoples and for one successful invitation you will get 1 GB free storage which expires after one month.

Mobiles Apps

Now a days every service providers has mobile apps to benefits their customers with wide range of their service.

Mobile apps are really plus point which make your work easy and you can also upload your data from your mobile. You can manage your account like creating folders, deleting files and many things

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