Legend TV Best App to Watch Turkish Series in Urdu

Legend TV App is best for those who wants funny dubbing of politicians, events. Lot’s of users are using this app because they found it useful. So let’s have a look into it.

First of all it’s only available for android user but sadly they haven’t ios version. It’s useful app if you want to make your self entertain. It has many categories. Recently they uploaded a most famous drama series called “Ertugrul Ghazi”. That’s the reason it have more 100k downloads on play store.

Let’s take a deeper look on it’s feature and available data which you can watch.

Video Player Legend TV

If someone talks about any entertainment app then it’s a good question. Having a good and most feature-able video player makes user happy. Like if video player support subtitles, Screen Setch or fast and slow feature and screen zooming feature. Legend TV Player have all of these features. Specially, Forward or Back-word.

History in Legend TV

In YouTube when you watch anything YouTube put it into your history section. So, Anytime you can access your specific data.

For example, you’re watching a tv series and you forget which episode you watched last time. At this point you can check your watch history where you can easily location your last watched episode. Legend tv has the same feature which we describe above on this post. Good thing is that they also gives you date history. Means you can easily now about your daily watch data.

Favorite Option

It’s a awesome feature which makes it’s users happy. Means when you like any episode you can add into favorite section by clicking heart button. After adding it you can watch that specific episode whenever you want. You can also delete those episode which you don’t like it at all. If you want to delete something from favourite section just long click and you will see two option

  1. Play
  2. Delete

Just click on “Delete” and you’re done.

Download content from legend TV

Lot’s of peoples from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh haven’t good internet connection.

In that case this download feature will them to watch their favorite videos by downloading. Every Video containing app must have this feature. In legend tv app just open your favourite video on the bottom side of video player you will see two option “Share, Download” just click on Download and you will see a pop up with it’s file size just click on download and your downloading will start immediately.

Manage download Section

When you download soo many episodes or video your phone storage will occupy. Go to download and Long press on specific video. After this you will receive a pop-up with two options

  1. Play this video
  2. Delete this video

If you want to watch your downloaded video just click on it Or if you want to delete it then click on Delete button it will ask you for a confirmation. Just Click on Delete and your video will be deleted on your device automatically.


Request and report

Having this types of feature makes users more happy. If any user found anything hateful he can simply report it from report section and legend tv team will review it. If they found that report useful Legend tv will remove that particular video from their app.

If any user want any type of dubbing or episode which aren’t available publicly they can simply request it from request section. On request section he must have to fill out their forum. After receiving that request Legend TV Team will try to add those videos as soon as possible.

Legend TV Popularity Reasons

We’re doing a full review on Legend TV App. So we think we must have to find it why this Amazing app viral in very short time period.

The Reason why this app got so many downloads is Ertugrul or Kurulus Osman Series. Ertugrul is very famous series which filmed by turkish drama production. This drama series is dubbed in many languages. (English, urdu, Turkish and bangali), Turkish is original language of this series.

This series got soo much love in pakistan. Pakistan’s Government has decide to play this beautiful series in Ramadan.

Kurulus Osman is based on Ertugrul Ghazi. Ertugrul is a hero of ertugrul ghazi series and Osman is son of ertugrul ghazi. After the death of ertugrul osman bey stories began. Osman was the fouder of Ottoman Empire. Pakistani Peoples love thse turkish series and legend tv app hosted these series videos on their servers. That why soo many peoples downloaded It from google play store.

Legend TV App

Just click on download button and this will redirect you to the download page of this app.

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