Easypaisa Transfer Money without any Fee?

Easypaisa Spend Alot on Advertisements. As They Said Easypaisa Go Cash Less. This Payment services work only in Pakistan. They have high security to keep your account & data save. You can pay bills, purchase mobile loads, Pay Fees, Donate money and many more. Easypaisa offers you to go cash less and pay any bill by easypaisa mobile app.

It’s a good service and almost 76% Pakistanis are using this service. You can transfer your money from one account to another account with free of cost.

Easypaisa support different types of payment methods which helps you to move your money. It’s also have multi-layer protection. You must have to verify your identity to use their service. It’s a Vertiual Bank.

Easypaisa account opening Process

As they’re working in Pakistan. Only pakistani citizen can open account with easypaisa. It’s not that difficult. You must have a valid CNIC.

If you have this then move on the second process. Download Easypaisa app (This article below). Open it and click on signup and Enter your First Name and last name. After this, it will ask you to enter CNIC number. Then click on Register. You will receive welcome messages from Easypaisa. Don’t share your 6 Digits pin with anyone. Now all done you successfully created Easypaisa account.

Account Verification (Biometric)

When you’re account created then you will see a popup to verify your account. At this time you have to do biometric. For this purpose, you visit near Easypaisa shop or franchise.

If you don’t want to do biometric then you can use easypaisa service but with some limitations.

Easypaisa have 3 levels of verification. You can check your level by clicking on Account Name.

Non-VerifiedSemi VerifiedVerified
Deposit & Withdrawal:  NoDeposit & Withdrawal:  YesDeposit & Withdrawal:  Yes
Money Transfer:  NoMoney Transfer:  YesMoney Transfer:  Yes
CNIC Transfer:  NoCNIC Transfer:  YesCNIC Transfer:  Yes
All App Features:  NoAll App Features:  YesAll App Features:  Yes
Transaction Limits:  NoTransaction Limits:  NoTransaction Limits:  Yes

Cash Deposit

When it comes to depositing Easypaisa have different methods to deposit money. You can ask your friends to send some account to your account.

You can Add Cash to your account by Bank Cards (Debit & Credit Cards), Directly from a bank account, From Any Easypaisa shop Or By Bykea Rider App. For more details click on your desire payment option to get more details about it.

Money Transfer

It’s a very good feature. You can transfer money to another Easypaisa account or many other ways.

Click on “Transfer Money” You will see four options

  • Easpaisa Mobile Account
  • CNIC Transfer
  • Bank Account
  • Easypaisa Tohfa

Easypaisa Mobile Account:

For this payment option. You can transfer money to anyone who has an Easypaisa account. Just click on it and enter Easypaisa number then enter the amount. After this click on Transfer. You will be redirected to the payment page where you can see receiver Account Holder Name. Confirm payment details before you make a transaction because it’s not refundable.

CNIC Transfer:

You can transfer money all across Pakistan. Transfer money to anyone on his National Identity Card. Click on it and Enter Following Details.

  • Receiver mobile number
  • Receiver CNIC Number
  • Payment Amount

Please confirm your details before making any transaction but if you done anything wrong you can cancel your transfer before receiver pick-up your payment.

Bank Account Transfer

This is a really amazing Feature which helps you to move your money from your Easypaisa account to your bank account with just one click. Click on It and you will see a list of supported just select your bank and enter following details.

  • Account Number Or IBAN Number
  • Receiver Mobile Number
  • Payment Amount
  • Select Payment purpose

Confirm your payment details one more time and after confirmation simply click on Transfer it will redirect you to payment page where you can see account Holder name. If everything fine just click on “Pay Now” and Boom your money will transfer to that account within few minutes/Seconds.

Easypaisa Tohfa

Recently Easpaisa introduced this tohfa feature which is very useful. Click on Tohfa Button and you will see two options

  • Send Tohfa
  • Send Lucky Tohfa

And Create your tohfa link according to your needs.

Purchase easyload

Easypaisa tries to make their platform all in one and almost they’re successful. You can purchase load to any network which is working in Pakistan directly from your Easypaisa account. Just Click on “Easyload” and select your operator package

  • Prepaid
  • Postpaid

Then enter mobile number and select network operator

  • Telenor
  • Ufone
  • Jazz/Warid
  • Zong

Then Click on “Buy Easyload” and you will receive load into your account instantly.

Buy Mobile Packages from Easypaisa App

A few months back Easypaisa got back to back updates which make it more useful. Purchase mobile bundles like Calls, SMS and Data packs for any network.

You will see different category of each network. Just Select your desire package and go for it.

Pay Bills & Fees

You can pay bills and fees by using this amazing app.

Just click on it and you will see two options.

  • My Bills
  • My Expenses

On The upper side you have “Enter new bill to pay”. Click on it You will Get so many companies which is working in pakistan

  • Electricity
  • Telephone
  • Gas
  • Internet
  • Water
  • Solar
  • Education
  • Credit card
  • Government Fees
  • Leisure Clubs
  • Investments
  • KuickPay
  • PayPro
  • Haball

Just click on your desire category and enter your payment details. When you did it will automatically save your bill details under “My Bills” category. That’s a great feature which helps you to reduce your time and you won’t have to enter your same bill details every time. Just click on “My Bills” and you will see your recent paid bills simply click on it and pay your bill. On “My Expenses” you have your spent details. How much you paid this money or Last 6 months by Easypaisa Mobile App.


You can topup on multiple accounts like Daraz, Cream and FWO Tag.

Invite & Earn

It’s a good marketing strategy to get more users on your service. Easypaisa have a good Invitation System. They’re doing campaigns with different strategy. You earn Upto Rs.5000 in Single month by inviting your friends to Easypaisa app.

Easypaisa Cashbacks

Just topup your account with Rs.2000 and you will get free cashback every day and also free minutes every day for 1 month. After 1 Month you have to make a transaction order to start that cycle again.

Bus Tickets

Now you don’t have to go outside to book tickets you can do this by using Easypaisa mobile app. Just Click “Bus Tickets” then you will see two options Bus Tickets and Reserved tickets. If you want to check your bought ticket status just click on it and you will see your ticket status on it.

If you want to Buy a w ticket Just Click “Bus Tickets” and Select your favourite traveller and Buy. Easypaisa Go Cash

Easypaisa Insurance Services

They have Insurance services Like Kamyab Mutaqbil, Mobile Screen Insurance, Health Insurance and Life Insurance. Choose your desire insurance plans and check their details and confirm it.

Other Features

Easypaisa Offer So Many Feature which really makes ur Easypaisa go Cash Less.

On Sidebar you can check recent transactions details, Approvals and many more.

Supported Platform

Having a large number of platform support give more users to your service. Easypaisa have IOS and Android Version. Both versions have no difference. Download it from App Store or Playstore.

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