JazzCash New features in August Update 2020

JazzCash Online Payments App is powered by Jazz/Mobilink. Actually Jazz is Pakistan’s most used network. Have more than 5 crore customers. In our previous review, we discussed Easypaisa features & its usage in detail and if you’re interested you can check it. We will compare JazzCash with Easypaisa because both services claim that they’re the no.1 online payments app in Pakistan.

JazzCash is really good service and lots of people use it in their daily routine life. JazzCash offers you almost the same feature as what we saw on Easypaisa app. Now you’re wondering because if both provide the same service so why should we use JazzCash,

Wait Both have some advantages and disadvantages which we will cover on this topic. So let’s have a detailed overview of JazzCash Online Payments App.

JazzCash Registration & Login

Jazz Cash has really good security and registration service. They offer only one account for one person which probably most of the online payments system is using like banks and major payments gateways. So let’s create an account on it.

l Just Download Jazz cash app from play store (Download button above of this article)

  • Open it and click on the register
  • Enter your first name and last name
  • Then enter Select date of birth
  • After all of this type your national id card
  • You will receive a confirmation message from JazzCash
  • Boom! It’s done a Good Job

After registration JazzCash

Once you’ve done registration on JazzCash you will receive “Welcome Messages” from JazzCash. Just login to your account and you will receive one time OTP on your registered number. In Fresh accounts, you have some transaction amount limits. Meanwhile, you cannot be able to send or receive money from a limited Amount.

If you want to Increase your transaction limits just go to the Navigation bar where you will see “Agent Locator” Just click on it and you will see nearby JazzCash agents. Visit any nearby JazzCash agent and ask him to increase your account limit.

He will ask you of your registered account number and in last they will increase your account limit by biometric. Easypaisa and JazzCash are using almost the same verification method which is secure and allows you to run only one account.

If you try to create multiple accounts on the same CNIC (National identity card) then you can’t.

Send & Deposit Money

If you want to send money you just simply click on “Send Money” after this you will see three options which are

  • Mobile Account
  • CNIC
  • Bank

Select your desired payment option and fill your sender account details carefully. After all this Just click on Send and it will redirect you to the payment page where you can clearly see the receiver account holder name. Just Enter your secret Account Holder PIN or If you enabled Fingerprint. When it’s done you successfully made your first transaction.

Want to make a deposit on your account? It’s very simple Click on “Add Money” and a popup will appear. You will see a bunch of options

  • Request Money
  • Deposit Visa Debit card
  • ReadyCash
  • Locate JazzCash Agent

Let’s discuss deposit options in detail.

Request Money

It’s a really good option which is not available on Easypaisa. After clicking on this option you can see two more options.

Make a new request

Here you can make new payment requests to your desired person. But this only works if the sender has a JazzCash account.

Enter his number and amount and click on “REQUEST”. Your sender will receive a notified SMS about your payment request

Pending request

Click on it and here you can check already made payment request status.

A deposit via debit card

Choose this option and select the desired amount and enter your account MPIN. It will redirect to a secure payment page where you can enter your card details without any risk.


This feature is recently announced by JazzCash which helps you to get an instant loan on to your account with some terms and conditions. You can also check your loan status by clicking “Loan Repayments”.

Locate JazzCash Agent

Just visit the JazzCash branch and ask a JazzCash agent to deposit money into your account.

Pay Utility Bills

Easypaisa offers you the same feature with the same functionality. You can pay almost every type of bill by using this app. Just click on “Pay Bills” and select the company which you want to pay your bill then enter account/consumer id and then enter pay it

Special Feature Payoneer via JazzCash

If you’re a freelancer then JazzCash is the best option to withdraw your money in Pakistan with insane exchange rates. Payoneer is an international payment gateway. It’s mostly used by freelancers to withdraw their money.

You can withdraw Payments from Google, Fiverr, Upwork and many other famous sites with your Payoneer account. These days almost 10 million-plus Pakistani are freelancers. They faced so many problems regarding withdrawal.

JazzCash makes it easy. Now you can link your JazzCash account with your Payoneer account by doing some simple steps. After Linking your account you will see the available balance of your Payoneer account.

Careem Voucher

Careem is a very famous car booking service available in Pakistan. If you’re a cream user then you easily top-up into your cream account by using JazzCash app. Click on “Cream Voucher” and select your desired amount then click on purchase.


Donating money is good. By this, we can help poor and needy people. Donate money by JazzCash. Go to “Donations” and select an organization.

Buy mobile Load & Bundles

We already saw this feature on Easypaisa but Easypaisa offers you more options and operators as compared to Jazz Cash.

You can purchase mobile bundles but only for jazz not for other operators.

Transaction History JazzCash

View your transaction history in detail. Just go to “Transaction History”.

Platform Support

If any service has various platform supports then securely most people will love it. JazzCash also supports many platforms like iPhone & Android

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