Nord VPN is one of the most famous VPN apps right now. They have more than 10M+ downloads on play store. Is nordVPN Still worthy in 2020? in recent months NordVPN Faced many data breaches that’s why so many peoples are afraid to use their service but most of the peoples are using nordVPN as their primary VPN. In this article, we will take a depth review on NORDVPN Service, Security, Privacy, Services and Pricing.

Everyone is using VPN in our daily routine life to access blocked sites, or to use some specific services which are blocked in our region. Most of the VPN claims that they are fully secure or anonymous but is they really secure? can someone track our location?

Well, all VPNs are not secure and you will be traced easily. If you want full security you should buy paid VPN services. NORDVPN Also offer this service.

What is VPN?

This is the most common question that most of you know about this but some of you don’t know about VPN Full forum. VPN Stands for the virtual private network. We use VPN to access websites which are blocked on our region. When you connect to VPN server they actually replace your IP with another IP that wasn’t from your country.

How VPN works?

VPN provides you with different types of servers and it’s up to you to use them according to your need. When you connected to VPN they changed your IP address and assign a different IP which didn’t belong to your real location that’s why you got access to that website which are blocked in your region.

NORDVPN Overview in 2020

Nord VPN is one of the most famous and secure VPN services right now. It also has some competitors but now we will only review nordvpn. They have 10+ million downloads and lot’s of users are having positive feedback about it.

Nord-VPN Doesn’t have any free version. If you want to use it then you have to purchase a license. After you successfully bought a license then you can log in your account and start using their service

Once you logged in you will get access to so many servers from the different location all around the world.

Servers are different category which we will discuss latter in details.

It has different packages. You can choose according to your need. We also mentioned pricing below of this article.

NORDVPN All Features

They offer so many features like privacy, fast servers and many more. Let’s have a depth look into it.

Secure internet

Nord-VPN claims that if you’re using their service then your internet data is secured by next-gen security. No one can watch your activity. All your data is encrypted.

Fast connection

It has high-speed servers with unlimited bandwidth. If you’re watching or downloading anything then you don’t have to wait for buffering. It provides you with a better high-speed connection and you can enjoy.

No Logs Policy

It’s actually an awesome feature. They don’t collect logs to in the name of service improvement. NORDvpn didn’t track their user’s data. Everything you’re doing is secure.

Servers are everywhere

NordVPN has so many servers which make their users happy. Another VPN has limited servers. They have more than 5400+ servers from all around the world. You can choose almost any country location that you want.

Mutli-Device Support

When you bought nordvpn account then you can use it on 6 devices. They don’t have any limitation like logout your account from other devices if you want to connect to new devices.

Data leak tests

If you’re aware of your privacy and you won’t fully secure connection then you probably take a DNS Test. This test will tell you about your connection safety.

Servers types in NORD-VPN

In NordVPN you get different types of VPN which have different types of security.

  • Peer-2-Peer Servers
  • Onion Over VPN
  • Dedicated servers
  • Obfuscated Servers
  • Standard Servers
  • Double VPN Servers

Pricing plans of nord VPN

They come with different plans and you can choose according to your budget. If you want to test their service before making any purchase then you can. Just click on 30-Days free trial.

1-Year Plan6-Months plan1-Month plan
Price:  6.58$/MonthPrice:  9.00$/MonthPrice:  11.95$/Month
Total:  79$ Every yearTotal:  54$ every 6 monthsTotal:  11.95$ every month

If you want more then you can check their team-up plan and contact with them.

Multiple platform support

Having multiple platform support makes your service more popular because every person who needs your service doesn’t need to purchase a specific device. He can use it on his exiting device.’

You can use nordvpn service on almost every type of device that you had.

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