Transferwise is one of the best Platform to send or receive money around the globe. It’s very easy to use and you have several currencies which you can receive, send and exchange. Their Exchange rates are incredible. Transferwise provides world best exchange rates.

There is something you must know about it. Sometimes they will deactivate your account if they can’t be able to process your request.

Transferwise is getting popular these days. Almost everyone knows about it. For freelancers, it’s a very good platform. If you want USA bank account or other countries bank account details then you can do this.

Simply you have to select that specific currency which accounts details you want to get. We will discuss this below in details.

They Support so many countries which are good because some good services only support a few countries. Transferwise Support team is very good and they will respond to your queries as soon as possible. Let’s talk about its services in details.

Registration Process on Transferwise

Before creating an account on transferwise make sure you didn’t try it before. If you already have an account then you may face problems related to your funds.

Just Click Here and it will redirect to you to a signup page where you need to fill following details.

  • First, you have to select your account type (Personal or Business)
  • You can choose according to your need but if you’re only one person so you should go with the person otherwise you can select business.
  • Now Enter First & Last Name
  • Enter your email and password
  • Select your country and Tick mark Checkbox
  • Now click on “Signup”

If you don’t want to create an account using email and you can select “Apple, Google And Facebook”.

Now Open your mail account and verify your account by Click on the “Verify” button. Your account Is created successfully but you have to complete your profile and verify it. Just go to Profile and Enter Remaining details.

Note: Please Enter the correct date of birth which is written on your identity card. If your date of birth isn’t correct then you will face trouble in the verification process. Now your account is almost completed let’s complete remaining task. Move on to dashboard where you will see two options.

  • Send Money
  • Receiver Money

Just click on “Send Money” and follow the following steps:

  • Choose USD or You can select any
  • Then enter the amount (Type Any)
  • Now you will be redirected to the verification page where you have to submit your documents.

If you don’t know which types of documents you have to submit then go to support and check the accepted documents list.

After submitting the required documents you have to wait a few hours because they will manually review your submitted documents. You will receive a confirmation email if you’re documents approved or rejected. Also, if you’re documents got rejection you will see some guide and maybe the reason for rejection. Your account is successfully created.

Transferwise Deposit methods

We will discuss transferwise details in this article. You may face some problems during deposit but don’t worry we also faced these issues and we have a solution for you. You add currency to your account by clicking on “Add Currency”. Just select the currency which you wanna deposit.

Enter your amount and you will see many deposit methods. Before selecting payment method make sure you have read about it. Some deposit methods are incredibly fast and some are really slow and disappointed.

We recommend you to deposit using a debit card or credit card. These two methods are really fast and secure. But In rare cases, you may have to wait many days to add your deposit into your account.

Deposit Problems in Transferwise

 We Already faced this issue. We deposit into our account on Friday and it took up to 6 days to add into our account. But it’s not an automatic you can fix it. If you’re facing this type of issue Just reached to their social media account (twitter recommend). On tweeter just describe your issue and tag @Transferwise. They will solve your issue quickly. You can also chat with them on twitter.

Send Money using TW

As a freelancer or normal users, we have to send or receive money. You can receive amount into your account within a few seconds. If you’re receiving the amount from someone and he/she also have transferwise then it’s your good luck. Simply tell them to send the amount into your TW account by using your TW E-mail address.

If the sender doesn’t have transferwise account then don’t worry you can still receive money into your account. Ask him for his country Currency name and the currency into your transferwise account. Select the currency and Click on deposit and enter the amount. When you do this you will see the bank transfer option. Click on it and you will get bank details. Simply ask him to send it.

Bank Transfer may take a few days to reach into your account. If you don’t see your amount into your account then contact to their support team. They will assist you further about your issue.

Bank Transfer Rates Using Transferwise

As we previously said They have good exchange rates in the entire market. If you want to send money to your local bank account then you can do this using TW. Before making withdrawal make sure to check global or Local exchange rates and also check transferwise Rates on their website homepage.

You can also check transferwise exchange rates by using your mobile app.

When you make sure you’re getting best rate then select the currency in which you have balance. Then click “Withdraw” and enter your desire amount. By entering your amount you will see the fee and Estimated arrival date. Estimated arrival dates aren’t 100% accurate. Sometimes they took days to process your withdrawal.

Please check your bank details before making withdrawals.

TW For Business

As they provide services to an individual or Small businesses they also have business accounts. If you’re having popular websites or stores then you can go with a business account. Before making a business account make sure you have enough information about the business account. Maybe you have to verify your business account to TW.

We’ve deactivated your transferwise account. Need solution?

So many peoples are facing this issue And we also faced this issue. We will describe it in details below on this article. You may be facing this issue if you violate their policy Or in some cases transferwise couldn’t be able to process your transaction.

If you’re account get deactivated and have an amount in it. Don’t worry they will refund it to your bank or debit/credit card. Sometimes they refund full amount but sometimes they refund the amount but not the fee.

In this case, you can send an email with full details and also attach some screenshots of the payment you have received. If they refuse to refund it you can contact them on their social media and twitter is best for this. Write in details about your experience in details and tag @transferwise official twitter account. Surely you will get back your full amount.

Our Experience with transferwise

We created transferwise account and get verified. We created this account to receive amounts from abroad but our journey with them wasn’t that good. On Friday I deposit 480$ using a debit card to test it. They charged 501$ from my account. 21.12$ deposit fee.

They said your deposit will add to your account within few minutes but minutes changed into days. After waiting several days I contact them on twitter. I Really appreciate their twitter support team. They will respond to your query within a few minutes and sometimes a few hours.

I gave them full details of my deposit and finally, my deposit added into my account. Now everything looks good but here’s something happens which end our journey with them. I made a withdrawal request on to my local bank account. I made it on night time around 11:30 PM to 12:05 AM.

Next day when I try to login into my account. I saw a pop-up message “We’ve deactivated your account. For more details please ………”. When I click on the link I see 3 main reasons.

  • Duplicate account
  • A transaction which we can’t process
  • Other reason (I Forget)

Then again I contact them and ask for details of deactivation. Their twitter team respond and said, “We’ve haven’t information related to account deactivation. Please fill this forum if you want your account get back”. I Fill up the forum and got a reply after 4 days

. “Thanks for your interest. We can’t activate your account. Thank you”. The refund my amount after deactivating my account. I received my amount with 2 days.

But the amount I received wasn’t full. The refund only 480$ but I spent 501$. When I contact with their twitter support. They said contact us using our email. I Sent a mail with proof of amount send and refund. They refuse to pay the fee which they took to deposit.

I Said “It’s not my fault and I didn’t violate your policy. You guys can’t process my transaction. It’s your fault and I want my fee back.” Again I receive a mail and with the same reply.

I Starts making tweets. After replying to some peoples they said on a mail. “You will get your 21.12$ dollar with a few days. Please confirm your payment method.”

This is our experience with transferwise.

Please Note:

My friends are also using transferwise and it’s a really amazing service. My friends had a good experience with them. We just share our experience.

Platform support

If you don’t want to visit their site you can download their mobile apps. They have android and iso support.

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