RabHost Domain isn’t working Fix Issue 100%

Rabhost is a hosting provider in Pakistan, India and some other countries. They offer to host at a very cheap price. Everyone who’s starting his website and have 2K Visitors daily can use it. Rabhost provides different types of hosting packages and you can choose according to your need. It’s not a big company that’s why you are facing these types of issue. RabHost Domain Connect

Common Error in Rabhost

Whenever we try to connect a new domain we got some errors. A most common error you may face is “Site isn’t working but you’ve followed all the steps”. We will help you to fix this issue and guide you a proper way to add a new domain in Rabhost hosting.

How to Fix it?

If you want to know how to connect a new domain with rabhost in a proper way then follow this guide.

Login to your account and go to “Domains

OPEN Domains Section

Now Enter your “domain Name” and Press “Add Domain”.

Enter Domain Name and Click on Add Domain

After this wait for a few minutes and your domain name will connect with your hosting.

Now go back and Open “File Manager” then you will see few folders.

Go to File Manager

Search for “Public_html” and open it by double click.

Then Click on “New Folder”

Click on This Icon and Add New Folder

You will see this popup. On this enter your domain name without “http://” or “https://”.

Enter your domain name like “findofun.com”

Again go back and open “Domains”. Under “Domains Path” you will see your domain names.

Again go to Domains

Select the domain which you have added recently.

Default Domain path is “Public_html”. Update it like “Public_html/yourdomain.com”.

Update your path

Now update its path. Once your domain path updated. Wait for a few minutes and then reload your site. Boom everything is working.

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