Use this trick and boost your blog traffic

This video is a component three of an approach to get traffic to your site I’m going to show you a punishing new traffic system which gets me results like this better of all it is established rapidly and you’ll mechanize it with none spamming and I’m additionally including some serious tips and procedures that I’ve never appeared so continue watching my name is Ottoman.

Boost Your Blog Traffic

Want to boost your blog traffic? It’s a very difficult task for newbies. Beginners always suffer from this issue. They want to boost their blog or site traffic but they can’t. Everyone wants to earn money by blogging but it’s not that easy as we think. Having more traffic on website means you’re making so much money. Now a days it’s not so difficult to get traffic on websites. You have several ways to get thousands of visitors on your websites daily basis. We will discuss all main features of this. So let’s discuss about theme in details.

Social Media Traffic

Social media is huge source for traffic and almost every single person who’s a blogger are using this. Now talk about famous social media sources.

There’s so many source but we will cover only major sources.

  • Pinterest
  • Quora
  • Facebook
  • Youtube

Pinterest Source

It’s very easy for those who has blogs on photography, Pics and icons. You can get millions of visitors on your site per month. Just put your hundred percent on creating high quality pictures and then create your account on Pinterest. First of all complete your profile then post your data. But before creating any type of pic please do a complete research about peoples interest. Always try to target those categories in which peoples have interest.

Just Upload your pictures on Pinterest and add when people try to download your images just redirect theme on your site. In this way you will get more traffic on your site and also you will get quality backlinks which help your site to rank on google search.


Quora is a questions answers site where peoples post their question. Download Quora app form playstore then setup your profile professionally. Now join your favourite groups and try to answer questions as much as you can. Also add your site link on some questions but please keep in mind. If you use to many links on your answer Quora will ban your account.


Facebook is one of the best and reliable traffic source for experienced bloggers. Now you have to do is to join facebook groups according to your website nieche. Then post your site links on these accounts.


Simple and fast way to get traffic in your website is Youtube. Youtube is one of my favourite traffic source because on other sources you have to try your best but on youtube create a simple video about your topic and post it. Try to choose best tags related to your video. You will get traffic on your site for lifetime.

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