Grab free RDP? Yeah, it’s true. We’re going to know how we can get free RDP for testing purposes for up to 14 days. In this modern world anyone who’s using a pc, he must need an RDP account. But there is a problem because if you want a free RDP then you must have a credit card or debit card.

For creators, RDP is very useful. They can upload or download videos on very high speed which is very important. RDP use is also very good for developers. They have to test their programs so RDP is a good option.

RDP Overview

Their so many other companies which provide RDP account up to 1 month of free trial without any cost but you must have an active debit or credit card. By using our method you don’t need an email account. Everything is free and available for the internet freely. But keep in mind you will only get 14 days and also you can perform very limited functionality.

If you want more then you’ve to go for Azure, google cloud or many others.

What you will get?

You will get 14 days trial for free without any cost and if you want to continue your trial then you have to pay for it after 14 days.

250 Minutes for free. Means you can use this RDP for 250 minutes for 14 days.

When your time will completed then your trial will expire.

What you need?

You need nothing. If you don’t have any mail account then don’t worry we’re going to create it without using our personal email address.

Grab Free RDP Process

Open this site: Click here

Then search on google for “USA Fake Address” and open the first site which appears on your search result.

Open Temp-mail site.

Then copy the details and put it there like

  • First & Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Company Name
  • Country
  • State

Everything available on above two site which we discussed earlier.

Now click “Register” and wait for few minutes then check your temp-mail account. You will receive an email form Now use it everything is ready.

How to run this RDP?

It’s a very common question asked by newbies. Just click on the run device then choose your required device and browser version. After this click ”Open” and wait for few seconds. Boom! Your RDP is ready for use.

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