Skrill vs Cashmaal – Which is best to Receive Payments in Pakistan?

Cashmaal vs skrill are online payment methods but lot’s of peoples don’t know which payment method they really should use to receive payments in Pakistan. Skrill is working internationally but on the other hand, cashmaal working only in Pakistan. They both have major difference and we think you really need to know. This will save you money. We will cover so many points in this article. So Let’s talk about them.

Charges in Skrill & Cashmaal

Skrill is an international payment method which means they simply charge more fee than a local or small payment gateway. Currently, so many peoples are using skrill to receive money from thousands of site. Skrill charged you on every single transaction.

Like when you deposit into your account they will charge you some money as fee also when you withdraw this skrill will charge and Even if you want to transfer money on to other skrill account skrill takes some money.

Cashmaal isn’t a global payment gateway. Only Pakistani peoples are using it to receive money. They took less fee as compared to skrill. You can directly withdraw into your bank account without paying extra tax. Also, It Supports JazzCash and Easypaisa which are mostly used in these days in Pakistan.

International Payments

Cashmaal isn’t used by global sites. You can only use it in local sites. On the other hand, skrill is used by soo many sites like IQ Option And Also every site. Now it’s up to you. You can use it if you want.

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