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How to Earn Free PUBG UC & Royal Pass

So do you want to get free PUBG UC and Royal Pass? Yes absolutely, Here we are going to show you how can earn free PUBG UC & Royal Pass.

FindoFun has launched a dedicated mobile gaming community where gamers can interact with each other and earn free game rewards for PUBG, Free Fire & Call of Duty.

So what you to do for earning UC & Royal Passes, Nothing just join the community and start posting about your gaming activities and react on others posts.

You can earn 50 UC by earning 10,000 points. you can also refer your friends and you will earn $0.10 by per refer which will be added in your balance and you will get UC and Royal Pass.

How to redeem Points:

You can withdraw your points easily by just going in points tab and there you will see option of withdraw and just type your pubg ID like this “PUBGID@UC.COM” Paypal box. Please don’t type your email or paypal ID only type your PUBG ID as mentioned above.

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