‘Destiny 2’ Hints At One More Returning Weapon, Two Needed Nerfs For Witch Queen

Am I about to do it? Am I really going to make an article based on not just a single tweet, but a single emoji in a tweet? Yes, yes I am.

Community manager DMG is teasing us with some other changes and additions coming to The Witch Queen, via emojis on Twitter.

First, in a reply to Gleaux, I’m taking this as confirmation we will see the return of the Hakke auto rifle Halfdan-D for Witch Queen:

Halfdan-D was last seen reprised in Forsaken, which gave it random rolls for the first time since its original introduction in the vanilla Destiny 2. So this would technically be the third time we’ve seen it. Cue complaining. But the last roll we got was back when perks were a lot more boring than we are now, the “Outlaw/Kill Clip-Rampage” era, so it could presumably be back now with new, more interesting rolls.

Bungie just brought back another Hakke weapon, Legal Action II, a pulse rifle, and it seems they realize that people want more Hakke stuff back. I would assume that Halfdan-D will be one of the new world pool additions, as it’s been confirmed older stuff is cycling out of there. So you’ll get it from world drops or Banshee.

Then, DMG emoji quasi-confirmed two things that are probably getting nerfs for PvP, responding to Grey:

DMT is Dead Man’s Tale, the perhaps overly dominant exotic scout rifle that has already been nerfed a little bit, but still apparently needs more work done on it.

Meanwhile, Lorenz Driver Bungie said a long time ago would probably get the Arbalest treatment that takes away some of its insane auto-aim in PvP, the primary issue with the weapon right now. So not terribly surprised to see that. We already had a Lorenz nerf in the last patch, but that was just to change things with ability cooldowns on trinket collection relating to the huge rework on cooldowns they just did. Nothing to do with its strength in PvP really, which seems to be on deck next.

We are supposed to get some sort of a large weapons TWAB/patch preview in the next few weeks here. Past the things listed above, the main question is what mystery thing is Witch Queen adding to weapons in order to offset the changes to masterwork orb generation, as hints appear to indicate it may be something like intrinsic foundary/source-based perks. Perhaps another reason foundry weapons like Hakkes are coming back. Stay tuned.

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