Here are the Best April Fools’ Jokes From Across Tech and Gaming

April Fools’ is always an interesting day in the gaming and tech industries, as you never know what to expect. We compiled some of the best gaming and tech April Fools’ jokes here.

2022 has seen some pretty stellar jokes from across the internet, from Goat Simulator to HyperX, so we’ve compiled the best April Fools’ jokes in one place.


HyperX announced a new “touch grass” keyboard with a fuzzy green design and the following description.

We’ve all had at least one person in our lives telling us to turn off the games, go outside, and touch some grass for once, but it’s time to finally put them in their place. HyperX feels your struggle, so we worked hard to create our “Touch Grass” line of products. In your most intense matches, you can finally feel soft grass tickle your fingertips as you’re nailing those clip highlights. Premium options also include a grass scent to throw off anyone who can’t mind their own business. Embrace nature and “Touch Grass” with HyperX on Earth Day 2022.

Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator had an extravagant April Fools’ joke announcingGoat Simulator The Musical Motion Picture.” The studio even got some huge celebrities in on it, announcing the picture would be directed by Steve-O from Jackass, and releasing a video of celebrities like Nick Frost, Joe Gatto, and James Buckley auditioning for the lead role.

Huion Tablet

Huion Tablet announced the “Kamvas Scroll” a tablet straight from the future that can roll up.


Elgato announced the Cam Link Retro, which lets users “level down your webcam” with a 90s style.


Here Are The Best April Fools' Jokes From Across Tech And Gaming

ROCCAT announced a ridiculous device called the Clickhammer, which lets you really hone the intensity of your clicks.


dbrand announced a special “DIY Kit” that’ll let everyone do the work themselves instead of actually paying dbrand to do it.


In a feat of technological wizardry, Newegg announced the world’s first consumer quantum computer, “The Dot.”

New Blood Interactive

New Blood Interactive posted an incredibly relatable update saying the release of Elden Ring changed everything and has delayed all development until 2023.

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach announced the “next step in immersion” with an in-flight experience brought straight to you.

Final Fantasy Union

Hot off the heels of the release of Stranger of Paradise, the fan site Final Fantasy Union “announced” the sequel.

Republic of Gamers

Here Are The Best April Fools' Jokes From Across Tech And Gaming

Republic of Gamers announced the ultimate piece of tech anyone might need, a brilliant air conditioner called the ROG Fujin Cooling Express.


Here Are The Best April Fools' Jokes From Across Tech And Gaming

Wargamer announced a new game that actually sounds pretty incredible, a Warhammer 40k game developed by FromSoftware with the help of Henry Cavill.

Aeva Team

Here Are The Best April Fools' Jokes From Across Tech And Gaming

The eSports organization Aeva Team announced its most ambitious project yet, teaming up with Razer to make a gorgeous car we wish was real.

Baldur’s Gate 3

Everyone’s favourite vampire from Baldur’s Gate 3 announced an even easier way to get sexy content, launching his own “Only Fangs” account.


DJI announced the DJI Airbag for ultimate protection.

Lionsgate Movies

In perhaps one of the very best jokes of the day, Lionsgate movies uploaded a video that’s simply ten hours of Nicolas Cage screaming, and that’s literally it. They are celebrating the upcoming launch of The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent releasing on April 22.

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