Why was Kanye cut from performing at the Grammys despite being nominated 5 times?

Kanye West is used to being in the spotlight, people who know him, including rappers, actors, comedians, and more agree that he has a complicated relationship with attention. Rap mogul Jay-Z has commented that he has always been like this, even before he released his now-classic College Dropout album in 2004 he already was jumping on top of tables and saying “I’m the best M.C. in the world”.

Dealing with Kanye West could be a mind-boggling situation

On one hand, you have a producing genius that delivers constant quality in his work, from sampling crate-digging masterpieces to great flow and amazing collaborations. On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have his personality and mental health issues.

Here is where everything gets complicated, there are many episodes where because of his mental health issues he has put himself in dire straits

You just need a simple google search and you can find a lot of “scandals“. This brings us to the matter at hand, Why isn’t Kanye performing at the Grammys after being in the spotlight and releasing Donda, his latest album that was a completely new experience.

Ever since his soon-to-be Ex-Wife, Kim Kardashian stated that they were getting a divorce, Kanye spun out of control and he let his emotions get the best of him. Obviously, there is no “right way” to deal with something so delicate as a divorce, and mostly when there are children involved, it gets even stickier when there are new boyfriends and girlfriends involved.

When Kanye found out that Kim was dating SNL comedian Pete Davison, he went on full blast on Twitter

He started bullying him and calling him derogative names, like Skeete. On his own Pete also is dealing with mental illness, and has been open about this throughout his career; after Kanye’s attacks, Pete sent him a few messages imploring him to tone it down for the sake of his children.

His most recent situation happened with Daily Show host, and this year’s Grammy host, comedian Trevor Noah where he insulted him and started trifling with anyone in his way.

The sum of all his erratic behavior banned from performing at this year’s Grammys where he is nominated for:

  • Album Of The Year Donda
  • Album Of The Year Montero
  • Best Melodic Rap Performance Hurricane
  • Best Rap Song Jail
  • Best Rap Album Donda

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