Windows 11 may not be as popular as Microsoft expected – Bestgamingpro

According to new data, Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system has slowed its meteoric expansion over the previous several months.

A recent research from AdDuplex suggests Microsoft may need to make some changes to Windows 11 in order to keep up with the competition.

When it comes to Microsoft’s software in March 2022, Windows 11 only accounted for 19.4 percent of the total use, with an additional 0.6 percent of users utilising the Windows 11 Insider release.

A new version of Windows (Windows 10)

Despite Microsoft’s efforts to convince people to update to Windows 11, the prior version of the operating system is still popular with many customers.

The two most recent update families were found to be installed on the majority of Windows 10 users (80%). As of November 20, 2021, Windows 10 N21U held 28.5 percent of the market, with its somewhat older brother Windows 10 M21U (21H1) capturing 26.5 percent of the share.

Microsoft still has some work to do to get a big number of customers updated to its newest versions, as seen by the remaining 25%, which consisted of different earlier releases going back to 2018.

It’s possible that AdDuplex’s stats aren’t totally accurate, but they seem to be consistent with Microsoft’s own results in the last several months.

There are now 1.4 billion Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices in use, but Microsoft didn’t provide exact figures for any release.

According to recent study, as much as one-third of work laptops and PCs don’t fulfil the basic criteria to run Windows 11, with the absence of TPM 2.0 the most common cause.

According to the Riverbed research, storage upgrades will be required for 19.45% of devices, TPM 2.0 upgrades for 11%, and UEFI upgrades for 8% of devices, with complete PC replacements required for 12.5% of devices.

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