A Nintendo Switch User Was Able To Play A Pre-loaded Version Of Advance Wars

Despite recently receiving an indefinite delay, a Nintendo Switch user was able to play a pre-loaded copy of Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp.

On April 10, one Twitter user by the name of Rachael shared footage of Advance Wars running on a Nintendo Switch Lite, even though the game has yet to be officially released. It seems that the user was able to play the game early because their console pre-loaded it before the title was delayed, seemingly making it a mistake on Nintendo’s part.

“Finally getting to play Advance Wars but only on my Switch Lite which had preloaded it prior to what happened,” the Twitter user said in a thread. “I’ve no idea why it’s letting me play, but as far as I’m concerned I paid 50 quid [£50] for this so I’m going with it.”

Rachael continued to share screenshots of the game’s in-game menu, as well as gameplay footage, following the discovery. Some fans online suggested the user play in offline mode in order to keep access to the game as well. However, in a separate tweet, the user explained that Nintendo reached out to say it would be “cancelling my purchase and refunding. Was fun while it lasted! Got a few missions of the first game’s campaign done.”

Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp was announced during E3 2021 and was set for a December 3 release before it was rescheduled for an April 8 launch. However, on March 9, Nintendo announced that it would be delaying the game indefinitely attributing it to “recent world events”, referencing Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

The publisher didn’t confirm a new release date, but asked fans to “stay tuned for updates.”

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