Adobe’s New Software Means You Can Collaborate On Video Projects

Apart from the ability to share files and data among remote team members, also gives access to Camera to Cloud — an add-on that automatically uploads files directly to the cloud right after videographers hit the “stop” button on the camera. With a fast internet connection, these files will be available for editing without delay — and more importantly, they will no longer need to worry about manually transferring them by removing the SD card inside their camera. For larger teams, this essentially means the footage is available for editing even as the cameraman continues working on other recordings. This feature can be a godsend for people who work in a multi-person setup and want a quick turnaround time for their projects.

As mentioned earlier, the service has already started rolling out to Creative Cloud users across the globe. If you already have a Creative Cloud subscription and do not see the option yet, all you need to do is update your apps and sign into the Review with panel using your Adobe ID. Another way to achieve the same results — without needing to update to a new version of Creative Cloud — is to install the panel separately or by simply logging on to the web app directly via

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