AMD: Intel’s New Arc Laptop GPU Lags Behind Radeon RX 6500M

AMD is welcoming Intel to the discrete graphics market by taking a dig at the company’s newly launched Arc A370M laptop GPU. 

AMD used Intel’s A370M frame rate benchmarking data for several PC games and compared it to the performance of AMD’s Radeon RX 6500M GPU, which launched in January. AMD’s Radeon Twitter account then posted the results, which show the A370M lagging behind the RX 6500M in five PC games in average frames per second (FPS) at 1080p resolution.  

The biggest performance gap is in the car racing game F1 2021. The RX 6500M is able to achieve an average FPS at 135 while the A370M can only reach 63. 

The results from AMD go on to point out the RX 6500M can exceed 90fps on all five games. The A370M, in contrast, can only render the games at just over 60fps. 

the full benchmark

(Image: AMD)

Of course, users should take both benchmark scores with a heavy grain of salt. All the games were supposedly benchmarked on “medium” graphical settings for both GPUs. But the exact testing conditions for the RX 6500M are unknown.

AMD was also selective in which games it used for the benchmarks. For other titles such as Fortnite, Rocket League, and Valorant, Intel’s A370M achieved an FPS rate of 94 to 115.

Intel slide

Intel specs for Arc GPUs

In addition, Intel has said the A370M is targeting the entry-level market. Expect the A370M to arrive in ultraportable, general-use laptops at around $1,000. Stay tuned for our reviews, where we can really put the GPU to the test.

It’s also important to note AMD’s own RX 6500M GPU has been hard to find in the US. We haven’t seen any laptops carrying it when conducting searches on Newegg, Amazon, and Micro Center. In fact, there seems to be a surprising dearth of benchmark scores for the RX 6500M from other independent sources, but you can find some for AMD’s more powerful RX 6600M.

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