Apple Insider Reveals Massive iPhone Release Shock

Leak after leak after leak said it was only a matter of time, but now the industry’s most reliable insider has revealed Apple has no plans to release the iPhone’s most requested feature.

In news that will kill the dreams of many long-time iPhone fans, industry display specialist Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), has revealed that Touch ID is years away from returning to the iPhone. This despite repeated leaks that a new version of in-display Touch ID would come to iPhone 14 Pro models this year.

“Under display Face ID is coming to the iPhone (16), under display Touch ID is not…” tweeted Young, who has a peerless track record for Apple leaks.

While the former has been tipped for some time (with Young subsequently confirming a punch-hole would still be required for the camera), the latter is a massive shock. Young himself had even hinted it was close in January, saying it “doesn’t look like Touch ID this year” while Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said in-display Touch ID was tested but did not make the iPhone 13 lineup. So to see it scrapped for the foreseeable future is jaw-dropping.

My guess is that Apple decided it is content with the performance of Face ID following its mask-focused upgrade in iOS 15.4 and has decided to cut costs. This is a shame because the combination of dual biometrics (Touch ID was never meant to replace Face ID) would have brought military-grade security to the iPhone range.

Personally speaking, it amazes me that Apple has not integrated Touch ID into the iPhone’s power button as it has already done on iPads. It’s a simple and elegant solution, which would tick a lot of practicality and usability boxes and make a lot of iPhone fans happy.

But Young’s track record strongly suggests it is now time to realign expectations. While the iPhone 14 is essentially an iPhone 13 rehash (just supersized), the iPhone 14 Pro will sport a new design, upgraded chipset and the biggest camera upgrade in yearsat a cost.

Will that be enough to comfort those dreaming of Touch ID? Probably not, but they will have to do.


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