‘Bridgerton’ Season 2: Simone Ashley Unpacks Hot ‘Kanthony’ Sex Scenes

Bridgerton‘s sex scenes are as choreographed as those ballroom waltzes we all love.

This is what star Simone Ashley discovered while shooting Kate and Anthony’s racier scenes on Season 2 of Netflix’s wildly popular Regency-era series. For instance, her character Kate is shown nude from the waist up once, but there are several scenes featuring the bare backside of Anthony, played by actor Jonathan Bailey.

Before anyone clutches his or her pearls, Ashley insists both she and Bailey were protected and respected in both love scenes — Season 2 was more about the build-up than the act itself — and the two never revealed or did anything they weren’t comfortable doing.

“Our intimacy coordinator Lizzy Talbot was incredible,” Ashley divulges to TVLine. “She allowed us to break down the scenes so there were no surprises for the day. It’s like a dance. There is also intention behind those scenes. It’s choreographed, but in a way that doesn’t feel performative. Instead, it comes from a place of feeling and comfort. I felt very comfortable, confident and safe.”

In the first sex scene when Kate and Anthony rip off each other’s clothes, they make love on the hard concrete floor of a secluded garden gazebo. But Ashley says there were no bruises or abrasions because of all the pillows and cushions. Most importantly, she adds, Bailey had her back supported her.

“It was amazing to work with Jonny,” Ashley recalls. “We have a special bond, and he’s such a generous actor and person whom I have amazing chemistry with every time. It’s a gift for an actor, and we were bouncing off one another in that sense. We were really enthusiastic to bring the story to life and sink our teeth into it. Hopefully, the audience felt that.”

Do you think Bridgerton Season 2’s sexual tension paid off, and were the love-making scenes too racy, not racy enough, or, ooh, just right? Drop your thoughts in the comments. 

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