BTS ARMY rubbishes claims saying RM posted ex-Bigg Boss contestant Mahira Sharma’s photo. Here’s the truth

On Sunday, several reports claimed that BTS’s leader RM, Kim Nam-joon, posted Indian television actor and Big Boss 13 contestant Mahira Sharma’s photograph on his Instagram account and later deleted it. The reports also claimed that BTS ARMY went into a tizzy and assumed that the rapper would be collaborating with Sharma.

Meanwhile, several BTS fans rubbished the claims saying that it was an Instagram glitch and urged not to spread fake news. The purported photograph of Sharma was originally posted on her official Instagram account on April 5 and RM’s post features his visit to a museum. The post including ten photographs shared two days ago was captioned, “Lilac” as per translation.

A Twitter user shared a screenshot alleging that RM posted Sharma’s photograph, 31 minutes ago. However, there is no blue tick symbol indicating a verified account, next to ‘rkive’, RM’s Instagram user name. The user later shared another screenshot taken after two hours with a blue tick symbol and claimed it to be the fourth photograph shared by RM.

RM’s post consists of ten photographs, and it should be noted that collaboration announcements are usually made by their company, not by the band members. In fact, the international ARMY have not reacted at all, if there was such a photo in the first place.

Meanwhile, the fans have been left delighted with Jimin’s song “With You” for the series Our Blues  breaking records. The BTS Army is also eagerly waiting for the release of the group’s next album on June 10.

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