Certain Affinity job listing requires Xbox “development experience”

Developer Certain Affinity has highlighted Xbox development experience in a job listing, after it was reported the studio is working on an exclusive for the console.

The job requirement was spotted by Klobrille on Twitter (thanks, VGC), who shared the Certain Affinity job listing for a senior graphics engineer. Under the requirements, it’s stated that whoever fills the role must have “development experience on Xbox consoles,” as the studio also says it is “working on our own new original IP.”

This follows a report from earlier in the year that claimed Certain Affinity was working on a Monster Hunter-inspired Xbox-exclusive title. It’s said that the game – codenamed Project Suerte – will be revealed in 2023 and released in 2024.

Monster Hunter Rise. Credit: Capcom
Monster Hunter Rise. Credit: Capcom

In February 2021, Certain Affinity confirmed it was working on a new and original game in an announcement post. It said: “Today we’re excited to reveal that we’re leading development on a new original IP! Are we excited to take on a genre and style of game that we’ve always loved? Thrilled beyond words!

“Are we honoured to be bringing this game to market? Indescribably so! Are there any other tantalising details regarding this new venture? More than we can say!” the statement added. “And we mean that quite literally: the particulars of this new game are still VERY much under wraps. All we can say for now is that this ambitious new project is the culmination of our goals to steadily and healthily grow a world-class team to create an original IP.”

Certain Affinity has been a support studio for most of its life, helping with the development of the Halo franchise from the second game onwards, with studio founders previously working at Bungie.

In other news, Square Enix has announced Kingdom Hearts 4 alongside a cinematic reveal trailer for the game.

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