Comedian Marlon Wayans on Will Smith: ‘Now his wife’s name is on everybody’s mouth’

Marlon Wayans is best known for his scatological comedy, from “Don’t Be a Menace While Drinking your Juice in South Central” to the “Scary Movie” franchise and “White Chicks” he has always been pushing the envelope towards comedy.

He recently went to the Big Boy radio show and discussed different topics, including the Will Smith – Chris Rock debacle where Smith tried to defend his wife’s honor by choosing violence instead of common sense.

On the matter, he comments “I talk about it a little bit in my set. I’m not gonna go all the way there, but I think that by trying to take your name out of one person’s mouth, now you put your wife’s name in everybody’s mouth. … Comedians are terrorists… [Now] everybody got a Will Smith-Chris Rock, you know, Jada joke,” he said.

He said what he would have done

He also shared what he would have done if he were in Rock’s shoes “If somebody’s walking up on my stage, I know that you ain’t coming up to give me five,” “Like, at a point, you gotta go, ‘Oh yeah he’s trying to come harm me.’ … You gotta protect yourself. If it that was me, I got an elbow for you. It’s a fight, you come on my stage we fighting.

You gotta protect yourself

Marlon Wayans

“We do jokes, that’s what we do. You don’t go to a comedy show and be mad when they tell you jokes, that’s what you there for. I think people in they right mind know better, I don’t think people gonna go, ‘I’m gonna get up and slap you.'”

Wayans also understands that Wills Smith’s actions were coming from somewhere else

“I think the pressure of 30 years of being excellent, that’s hard to do. That man just snapped. You gotta check on your strong friends. … Something was wrong for him to snap, and forget about what he’s been working towards for 30 years.”

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