Elden Ring Speedrun Record Now Down To 12 Minutes

Elden Ring is so far one of the biggest releases of 2022, and with so many people journeying through The Lands Between, speedrunners were bound to find various methods for skipping vast swathes of the game. One speedrunner, in particular, has managed to take a nominally 60-120 hour game and shrink it down to just 12 minutes.

Speedruns of Elden Ring have dropped precipitously over the past month or so since the game’s release. Distortion2, one of the game’s leading speedrunners, first started out at just under an hour, then dropped that by half. Since then, he’s been shaving away more and more of Elden Ring as more glitches and loopholes are discovered by the community.

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His last run was just over 14 minutes, which seemed an unbelievably fast time, but there were a few aspects of the run that could be improved. The Zip Glitch, for example, can be difficult to employ. Several sections of Elden Ring and vast distances of its map can be bypassed thanks to the Zip Glitch, but getting it to work quickly is often a matter of luck.

Distortion2’s latest run seems to have been just a bit luckier as he was able to employ the glitch far faster than before. Interestingly, the Zip Glitch coming faster is what kept this latest run’s time down as many of the run’s milestones were in the red up until the Crumbling Farun Azula jump. On top of that Distortion2 has gotten Maliketh down to the point where he doesn’t even bother putting his armor back on.

If you think 12 minutes is as fast as Elden Ring can be beaten, Distortion2 promises that there’s more time yet to be shaved off his next run. “Pretty solid run with this route,” wrote Distortion2 in the video description. “However, a new route is in the works which involves fighting no bosses 🙂 Incoming sub 10 minutes.”

If you’re looking to learn the secrets of Elden Ring, you could look at these speedrun videos, or you could look up one of the many guides on Steam. Strangely enough, one of the top guides on Steam is all about feet. It’ll only really help you if you spend most of your time staring at the ground in Elden Ring, but it certainly offers a different perspective.

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