Escape From Tarkov Developer Bans 9,000 Cheaters In One Fell Swoop

The developer behind Escape From Tarkov, Battlestate Games, recently gave 9,000 players the boot in a single sweeping ban. The studio didn’t go into any specifics about the ban, but the move was almost certainly related to various forms of cheating. The game has had a particularly acute hacking problem in recent months.

Game Director on Escape From Tarkov and Head of Studio at Battlestate Games Nikita Buyanov took to Twitter about the matter, noting that “we constantly commence ban waves of cheaters. But yesterday, there was a wave that I want to note — minus 9,000 cheaters.”

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When asked if “you all ever do IP bans” to keep cheaters from getting in the game even after opening a brand new account, Buyanov replied “yes and not only,” suggesting that Battlestate Games relies on a variety of different methods to keep the community in Escape From Tarkov on a level playing field.


The response from the community was about as congratulatory as could be expected given the circumstances. “9,000 players anyone wouldn’t want to run into gone,” one person remarked. “Thank you,” another added. “Have been dying to cheaters a whole lot this week, but appreciate you guys dealing with it.”

image of player perspective in Escape From Tarkov

While most of them expressed gratitude, some players made light of the situation. “Can’t wait for all the ‘why did I get banned’ posts on Reddit,” a commenter noted. “It’s already happening in the Facebook groups. ‘I’ve never cheated, but I got banned.’ Absolutely hilarious,” a person replied.

Battlestate Games recently announced an expansion for Escape From Tarkov called Lighthouse. The developer also shared some details a while back about a planned update that would feature more weapons and a new boss.

Escape From Tarkov has been seeing some fallout from the recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia. The economy in the game has apparently been severely impacted, causing the value of the ruble to plummet along with its real world counterpart, leading to spiking prices and players attempting to trade in other currencies like the dollar and euro.

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