Get a lifetime of maximum protection with 9 VPN services in one for just $60



With everyone spending more time online these days shopping, streaming their favorite entertainment or taking skills training courses in addition to regular browsing, online security is more important than ever. When you combine that with the increased frequency and severity of cybercrime, it’s obvious that a powerful VPN should be a priority for everyone. And if you are looking for the maximum level of protection, unlike most services, JellyVPN: Lifetime Subscription actually provides you with several different VPNs in one.

A JellyVPN subscription offers 9 separate premium VPNs, including Cisco IPSec VPN, OpenVPN, Softether VPN and more. You get military-grade security that is covered by a $10,000 SSL warranty, antivirus protection, and no activity logs whatsoever. JellyVPN doesn’t log DNS queries, traffic data or anything else that might identify you, and it never will.

That level of protection doesn’t require you to sacrifice any connection speeds, either. You get 10Gbps speeds for both uploads and downloads on dedicated servers that are optimized for the highest quality, speeds, networks and uplinks. There is no limit to the amount of data you can use on up to five devices at a time on a variety of platforms. Use JellyVPN on desktop or mobile, with Windows, Mac OS, iPhone, Android, and more.

And JellyVPN will work everywhere, even in restricted countries. With access to servers in 54 locations around the world, you will be able to work, browse, and enjoy your favorite entertainment anywhere you happen to be. You will also have access to premium customer service wherever you go. All future updates are also included in this subscription, so you don’t have to worry about the effectiveness of your protection falling behind.

As we continue to spend more and more time online, the harder it gets to keep our privacy and confidential data protected. Give yourself the peace of mind that a powerful VPN can offer, get a JellyVPN: Lifetime Subscription today while it’s on sale for just $59, a full 85% off the regular $ 410-lifetime subscription price.

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