Google Assistant will now let you rename user-created Routines

There are a few exceptions


Users have been able to create Google Assistant Routines in the past using the “When I say to my Assistant” trigger found under Starters. One downside to this was that in the name of using natural speech, labels could get unwieldy. As of Saturday, it looks like Google has made some changes to ease the process and make it more practical, allowing users to give Routines whatever names they like.

In a Reddit thread pointed out by 9to5Google users are noting that an edit function has been added to Routines. Open one up and now just by tapping the pencil icon you can name the routine whatever you like, no matter what the starter phrase is. Google Assistant users on Reddit indicate that the most marked aspect of this change is that you no longer need to give time-based starters some kind of special tag phrase — you set up a “When the time is” trigger and call it what you want. Speaking of time — this follows another handy change that lets you fine-tune Assistant Routines with even shorter delays.


The new controls are still being rolled out to all users, and there are, as with the more granular timing controls, some limitations when it comes to Google Assistant defaults. Users still can’t change the names to prepackaged Bedtime, Commuting home, or Commuting to work Routines. The addition of routine editing in Google Assistant is a welcome change, though, giving users that much more flexibility and control.


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