Google Docs will have enhanced features for better writing

Google Docs is introducing tools that will make writing infallible for users, with accurate word and grammar suggestions.

Google Workspace announced new features for its Docs application that will help improve the quality of writing for users.

“We’ve added several new assistive writing features in Google Docs, which will provide a variety of tone and style suggestions to help you create impactful documents faster,”

Workspace wrote on its blog.

Users will see suggestions for:
Word choice: More dynamic or contextually relevant wording
Active voice: Active rather than passive voice
Conciseness: More concise phrases
Inclusive language: More inclusive words or phrases
Word warnings: Reconsidering potentially inappropriate words

The new features will include a variety of essential tools that help users create an impeccable document, by suggesting synonyms, flagging inappropriate language, giving better sentence structure suggestions, and guiding the reader when to use the active and passive voice. The Smart Compose feature will also offer autocomplete suggestions based on the data that Google has collected.

The Google blog explained, that, “Suggestions will appear as you type and help guide you when there are opportunities to avoid repeated or unnecessary words, helping diversify your writing and ensuring you’re using the most effective word for the situation.”
Suggestions will be underlined in purple, and selecting the underlined the word will prompt a pop-up to appear with a suggestion which the user could accept or decline. Suggestions feature can e turned on or off under the Tools menu at the top of the page.

In the latest update, Google announced that Docs can now summarise salient information in any document created using AI-powered functionality. An update for Google Drive will let cloud service storage to intuit which document a user will work on at which point in the day, saving time looking for documents.

The new update will be available soon for premium Business customers at the end of the month, but will not be available for Workspace Essentials, Business Starter, nor Enterprise Essentials customers. 

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