Hilarious Elden Ring Clip Shows Cleanrot Knight Killing Two Players With One Grab

Following an absolutely explosive first week of sales as well as glowing reviews from both critics and gamers, Elden Ring has continued to perform. Continually sitting near the top of Steam’s most played games, Elden Ring has been nothing short of dominant since its launch in late February.

The game’s dominance has been due to many factors such as its massive open world along with its cooperative and multiplayer capabilities. However, perhaps the most defining and unique characteristic of the game is Elden Ring‘s challenging and annoying enemies, of which there are a massive amount. These vary from the weak packs of demi-humans to some of the most challenging bosses in FromSoftware history.


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Naturally, because of the massive amount of unique enemies, players are continually finding out new information about them. Just recently, YouTuber Zullie the Witch put out a video explaining some of the more gruesome visuals on Elden Ring‘s Grafted Scions, going into detail on the tragic yet disturbing creatures. However, in a much funnier manner, two players recently figured out a new detail about the Cleanrot Knights after being sent flying over a balcony to their deaths.

One of those players was Reddit user Psychic_Gian, who captured a battle between a particularly strong Cleanrot Knight from Elden Ring and themselves as well as a summoned multiplayer ally. The video displays Psychic_Gian performing a backstab on the knight before they and their friend begin a frenzied assault. However, the knight gets up and immediately performs a block on the two players, following up with a devastating impale-grab with their spear. Pure hilarity then ensues as the knight manages to not only impale both players, but send them over a balcony to their deaths far below.

Two things can be taken from Psychic_Gian’s misfortune: one, the clip was a hilarious and relatable moment, and two, the Cleanrot Knight may have the ability to impale any number of players. The next thing that should be done is a full party of players attempting to be impaled at the same time for scientific purposes, as there must surely be a limit to the Cleanrot Knight’s strength. Frankly, it is no wonder how Elden Ring‘s Malenia survived the Battle of Aeonia: if Cleanrot Knight Finlay has even a fraction of the arm strength of other knights, carrying Malenia must’ve felt like carrying a sack of potatoes.

All jokes aside, players are continuing to find out more about Elden Ring every day. Between hidden walls, secret items, and information about enemies, it is unclear just how much untapped knowledge still exists in the game. Hopefully, that knowledge won’t send players to their deaths like poor Psychic Gian.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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