How To Get PlayStation Plus Premium For 50% Off

Update: Sadly, the PlayStation Store is no longer letting users purchase a 12-month membership to PlayStation Now, so this deal is no longer available.

PlayStation revealed a huge revamp of PS Plus last week, and right now you can save 50% on the most expensive subscription tier. PS4 and PS5 users can currently purchase a 12-month membership to PlayStation Now for $60 ahead of the June launch of the new iteration of PS Plus. Once the new service launches, PlayStation Now subscribers will automatically be converted to PlayStation Plus Premium members. Since PS Plus Premium will cost $120, you’re saving a whopping 50% on your subscription.

How to get PlayStation Plus Premium for $60

To get PlayStation Plus Premium for $60, you need to purchase PlayStation Now using this link, which directs you to the PlayStation Store (h/t Wario64). Signing up for PS Now will automatically setup recurring billing, which will eventually cost $120 (the price of PS Plus Premium). Keep in mind that you can stack PS Now subscriptions, so you can purchase several years of PS Plus Premium at this discounted rate, if you’re so inclined.

We expect Sony to remove this purchase option from the PlayStation Store, as it could essentially be viewed as an exploit. It’s likely that the 12-month subscription option for PlayStation Now will disappear soon, considering that PlayStation Now itself will soon be gone.

What is PlayStation Plus Premium?

PlayStation Plus Premium is the highest tier of the new PS Plus subscription program. The Premium tier will include up to 700 games in its library, including hits from Sony’s past consoles such as the original PlayStation, PSP, PS2, and PS3 (PS3 is cloud streaming only). You’ll also get limited-time game trials, PC cloud streaming, and the regular perks of PS Plus: Two free games each month, cloud saves, and access to online multiplayer.

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