How to obtain St. Trina’s Torch

Unlike previous FromSoftware titles, torches in Elden Ring come with a twist, and some of them can do more than just illuminate a dark dungeon. St. Trina’s Torch is one such torch, which along with producing light for dungeon scrawling, can also put enemies to sleep when they are hit with it.

Arguably one of the strongest and most useful torches in the game, St. Trina’s Torch is a must-have for those who are having a tough time dealing with some of the more difficult areas of the Lands Between.

Its skill, known as Fires of Slumber, allows the player to emit a fog in front of them that builds up the sleep bar of enemies and leaves them out cold temporarily when the bar maxes. This leaves them open to a critical attack that can make the encounter significantly easier, based on the players’ build and the number of Runes they have invested in leveling up.

While the torch is something that a lot of players are after, it’s not something that players have had an easy time getting their hands on. Hopefully, today’s guide will be able to help those who are still struggling with obtaining St. Trina’s Torch in Elden Ring.

Obtaining St. Trina’s Torch in Elden Ring

Unfortunately, while St. Trina’s Torch is an incredibly potent armament, players will not be able to get their hands on it early on in Elden Ring’s narrative, as it’s one of the more valuable late-game armaments that the Tarnished will come across.

To get the item, players will first require access to the Mountain Top of the Giants, which is easier said than done. The Mountain Top of the Giants is one of the hardest areas in the Lands Between, and players are not advised to venture into it before they have successfully put in a good deal of Runes in leveling up their stats.

Hence, to obtain St. Trina’s Torch, the Elden Ring tarnished will first need to:

  • Unlock the far northeastern region of the Mountain Top of the Giants. To do so, they will need to piece together the two halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion and activate the Grand Lift of Rold, which will automatically transport them to the new high levelled area. While the left half of the medallion is pretty easy to come by, for the right half, players will have to travel all the way back to Liurnia of the Lakes and get it from the NPC, who is hiding as a barrel.
  • Apart from getting the medallion halves, the Elden Ring tarnished will also be required to defeat Gofrey, First Elden Lord, and Morgot, The Omen King in Leyndell, the Royal Capital. These two fights can be quite hard to manage, and will need some patience and practice to overcome for a lot of players.
  • Another reason for making the Mountain Top of the Giants even more problematic to explore is the lack of visibility. The constant snowfall and blizzard make it extremely annoying to get ones bearing in the area. So to find the torch, players must first look for the Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace as soon as they gain access through the lift.

  • As players are not required to defeat any strong enemy or field boss to get the item. It’s quite easily gettable once the Tarnished has access to the area. Visibility might be the only issue, and once players find the Consecrated Grounds, they will need to make their way to the south-eastern portion till they come across a hearse.
  • They will find a treasure chest on it, which will reward them with St. Trina’s Torch. It’s important to note here that there will be another hearse nearby, which will contain the Flowing Curved Sword.

While a very potent armament, St. Trina’s Torch is not entirely effective against all the enemies in Elden RIng. Certain bosses and elite enemies are immune to sleep, and it’s only during encounters like these that the item falls short of expectations.

However, the torch does wonders against enemies such as Leonine Misbegotten and Margit the Fell Omen.

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