Need For Speed may return in 2022 as Criterion and Electronic Arts gather forces

Need For Speed used to be among the most popular car racing games back in the 2000s. In 2022, fans will get a chance to relive their childhood moments as Need For Speed is coming back. Criterion Games and Electronic Arts are working on the next NFS title which could be released later this year. Keep reading to know more about the new Need For Speed game.

According to a report by EuroGamer citing GameBeat’s Jeff Grubb, Criterion has resumed working on Need For Speed, which could be launched later this year. Grubb spoke in his latest episode of GrubbSnax show that the latest Need For Speed game will release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, skipping PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Grubb also mentioned the setting of the upcoming game, saying that rumours suggest that the game could feature tracks and maps of Miami. 

New Need for Speed could be a next-generation only 

“I suppose if you’re a Need For Speed fan who has bought a next-gen console, here’s some good news,” says Grubb. “It’s next-gen only. They are shifting to next-gen only for that.” Adding to it, Grubb also mentions that “there are rumours about what the setting is that I’ve heard.” Further, Grubb states that “It’s hard to pin down if there are for sure or not. I’ve heard stuff like Miami, which makes me think maybe they’ll go an Underground route.”

As of now, the new Need For Speed release date is rumoured to fall in the month of November 2022. If both EA and Criterion Games are able to execute their plans, the next NFS title should be out by this year. Although, there is no word on whether the game will be released for Windows computers or not. Given that Grubb highlights that the new NFS could by next-generation consoles only, nothing can be speculated about the PC version of the game. 

It is important to mention that Criterion has been working on a new Need For Speed game since 2020 and the game was about to launch in 2021. But both EA and Criterion had to turn their attention to Battlefield 2042, the first-person tactical shooter released last year and hence, NFS was delayed. Earlier, the game was supposed to be released by March 2022, which obviously did not happen. Stay tuned for more gaming news. 

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