Nepheli & Kenneth’s Intersecting Quests Guide

Journeying through the Lands Between in Elden Ring will lead the Tarnished across 13 regions, where they will meet foes, bosses, and unsavory characters disguised as allies. Limgrave, in particular, has several NPCs whom players can help, should they feel inclined to do so. While some will present the players with viable rewards, others might trick them into doing their bidding. On the other hand, NPCs like Nepheli Loux and Kenneth Haight will inconspicuously introduce the players to intersecting questlines.

FromSoftware titles are perhaps best known for their vague representations of short-term and long-term goals. Their narrative aspects hinge on intrigue, but do not offer much guidance otherwise. Elden Ring successfully expands on this formula by allowing the players to roam the Lands Between as they please and ensures that many of its inhabitants remain cryptic when engaged in conversation. Although the mysterious nature of their stories often adds to the atmosphere, it can leave the players unaware of potentially crucial questlines and their aftermaths.

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Kenneth Haight’s Questline In Elden Ring

Screenshot depicting a conversation between a Tarnished and Kenneth Haight, as seen in Elden Ring.

While exploring the eastern reaches of Limgrave, players will eventually find themselves in Mistwood. As they come across a stone archway north of the Mistwood Outskirts Site of Grace, they might hear a male voice calling out. Stopping to see wherein lies the problem will have them meet Kenneth Haight, a self-proclaimed repudiator of the false. After talking to him, he will ask the players to help him reclaim his fort, which lies south of Mistwood.

To retake Fort Haight, players will have to liberate it from its oppressors who hail from Stormveil. The last adversary they have to defeat before returning to Kenneth lies in wait on the fort’s rooftop. Upon their return, Kenneth will reward the players with an Erdsteel Dagger and ask them to enter his service in order to learn the workings of Erdtree’s true Order. Agreeing to this will advance the quest, after which the players should make their way back to Fort Haight.

Though distraught by the current state of his fort, Kenneth will greet the players on the rooftop. He will apologize for not being able to fulfill his promise of raising them to knighthood and offer a rain check until he finds a true and stalwart warrior to take the reigns of Limgrave. Until that time comes, the best course of action the players can take is to focus on advancing other aspects of their adventure.

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Nepheli Loux’s Questline In Elden Ring

Screenshot depicting a conversation between a Tarnished and Nepheli Loux, as seen in Elden Ring.

Aside from crossing paths with Gatekeeper Gostoc in Stormveil Castle, players will get to meet another NPC before taking on Godrick the Grafted. Heading up the stairs from the Liftside Chamber Site of Grace will eventually lead the players to a room found on the right-hand side of the screen. Inside, Nepheli Loux will be paying her respects to a fallen warrior, and after exchanging a few words with the players, she will offer her help in the upcoming fight. Nepheli’s presence during the battle against Godrick is not required though, as her quest will advance regardless.

Once Godrick has been felled, players can meet up with Nepheli outside of Gideon Ofnir’s study at Roundtable Hold. She will express her gratitude by gifting them an Arsenal Charm, which increases the maximum equip load. To find out more about Nepheli, players should consider talking to Gideon, who will be in his study. If he is not, and the door to his study is closed, they can open it by interacting with him in front of the Hold’s Site of Grace and talking to Finger Reader Enia afterward.

Since Nepheli’s questline is far from over, players can see her again near the Village of the Albinaurics. Resting at the Site of Grace until nighttime will have her spawn under a nearby bridge where she will gladly share her thoughts on the oppressors. This interaction will make her available as a gold summon during the optional boss fight against Omenkiller, whose death is required to see the quest through. When the players meet Nepheli next, she will be at the lower level of the Roundtable Hold, accessible via the stairs past Smithing Master Hewg.

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Upon being dismissed by Nepheli, players should opt out of giving her Seluvis’ potion if they have unlocked his side-quest. Letting Gideon dispose of it instead will allow them to progress with her story, and after learning more about the unfortunate turn of events from him, they should talk to Nepheli again. Afterward, they will have to revisit the Chapel of Anticipation via the Second Belfry at The Four Belfries.

Similar to the White-Faced Varré’s questline, players have to retrieve an item from the chapel. Defeating Grafted Scion will ensure that they gain access to the main building. Instead of going inside, taking the stairs to the right will lead them to The Stormhawk King, a key item they should present to Nepheli. Returning to the Roundtable Hold and giving her the Ash will conclude her ambiguous questline, but not the story itself.

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How the Two Elden Ring Quests Connect

Screenshot depicting Nepheli Loux and Kenneth Haight in Stormveil Castle's throne room, as seen in Elden Ring.

With both Kenneth’s and Nepheli’s quests out of the way, it might seem like there is not much left to explore regarding their outcomes. Though the game does not go to any lengths to suggest that there is more to these two unusual stories, an unlikely convergence will occur after the players defeat Morgott the Omen King, but only if Maliketh the Black Blade is still alive. It is one of the reasons why completing both quests makes them worthwhile.

To see the true ending to Nepheli’s and Kenneth’s intersecting questlines, players should return to Stormveil Castle’s throne room after felling Morgott. If no NPCs are present, resting at the nearby Godrick the Grafted Site of Grace ought to do the trick. Within the room, Nepheli, Kenneth and Gostoc will have found their true calling.

As the next ruler of Limgrave, Nepheli will reward the players with an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone for their support. Kenneth will let them know that he will soon be ready to fulfill his promise. Overjoyed by the new prospect, Gostoc will gladly part with some of his wares, allowing the players to purchase another Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone for 20,000 Runes.

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