Pak Artist’s Ramzan Song Reminds Twitter Users Of ‘Kacha Badam’

Pak Artist's Ramzan Song Reminds Twitter Users Of 'Kacha Badam'

Pakistani artist Yasir Soharwardi’s song has been viewed 1.7 lakh times.

A Pakistani artist recently released a song about keeping fast during the holy month of Ramzan, which has set social media on fire. It is not because of the catchy lyrics, but due to its similarity with wildly popular “Kacha Badam” song.  

The song titled “Roza Rakhunga” by Yasir Soharwardi quickly became popular on Twitter and other platforms, but the users soon recognised that it is too similar to the jingle sung by Bhuban Badyakar, a peanut seller in West Bengal who used it to sell peanuts in return for old kitchenware and other broken objects. “Kacha Badam” turned him into a celebrity.

In less than a week since its release, Soharwardi’s song has been viewed more than 1.7 lakh times. It encourages people to be compassionate while they observe Roza (fast that Muslims keep from pre-dawn to sunset) during Ramzan. The Pakistani singer also makes an appeal to the children to keep fast through his song. 

Soharwadi is also seen with cats and birds while crooning “Roza Rakhunga“. The chorus of the song – “Ramzan Ramzan aaya Ramzan Ramzan” – has an uncanny resemblance to the lyrics of Badyakar’s “Badam badam”. 

Twitter users have been sharing the video and posting comments furiously, trolling the Pakistani singer. While some derided him for using animal noises in his songs, others voiced their outrage at the Karachi-born artist for hurting their sentiments. 

“Did he copy Kacha Badam?” questioned a Twitter user. “I have suffered. Now your turn guys!” said another.

“Kacha Badam” first went viral in November 2021, after one of Badyakar’s customers shared a video of him singing on social media. It was then picked up by celebrities like Badshah who released a song based on the jingle, and it became a hit.  

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