Pocketnow Daily: Apple’s WEIRD Foldable iPad/iPhone Strategy & more! (video)

Apple foldable macbook render concept
Apple MacBook Folio concept
Source: ADR Studio Design


The official news today begin with E3 and all the information was posted yesterday so we can assume this really isn’t a joke. Apparently the event won’t be happening this year.. Yesterday we got a tweet from Will Powers which is the PR Lead for Gaming peripherals at Razer, saying he got an email and that it was official that E3 digital would be cancelled for 2022. He then expressed that he had a lot of mixed feeling about the topic. IGN also reported the news and verified the email, and even got an official statement from ESA, saying that they will return in 2023 with a revitalized physical experience in an all-new format. But for those of you looking for some gaming content to fill the void this summer, Geoff Keighley announced that the Summer Game Fest will be returning this June with a slate of events. They’ll be producing another Live show with announcements, news and first looks. So yeah, another event cancelled which doesn’t really shine a good light on there being any sort of event next year.


Let’s switch on to Microsoft and some very surprising news. You’ll see why. We have a new report from Windows Central claiming that earlier this week, Microsoft formed a new Android Microsoft Platform and Experiences under Panos Panay. This means they’ll be moving the Surface Duo OS team, as well as the people responsible for Microsoft’s Android apps like SwiftKey into this new team. If you’re wondering why this is important.. Well, it’s pretty much letting you know that Microsoft is at least trying to take Android as a serious endeavor like they do with their other platforms like Windows, and which to a certain degree is how Google has been taking their services on Windows seriously. Their sources are also saying that Microsoft has big ideas in mind for both Android and Windows over the next handful of years, including more advanced integrations between your Android smartphone and your Windows PC. Beyond what’s currently available with the Phone Link app that recently got a revamp. Apparently they want to position your smartphone as an extension to your PC, with the goal of creating interoperable experiences.. Kind of like what we get from Macs and iPhones. But which has never really been pulled off well, even when Microsoft made phones, so that’s a project I’m curious about.

Let’s move on to Samsung and their repair services. If you remember a few weeks or even months ago, Apple announced their new program, where they would send customers official parts to be able to repair their own iPhones. It looks like Samsung liked the idea, so much so, that they just announced that Galaxy Device owners will be able to purchase genuine device parts, repair tools and a step-by-step repair guide in order to fix their devices. The program will start with the Galaxy S20 Series, the S21 Series and the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus. Samsung is actually collaborating with iFixit in order to provide easily understandable repair guides and tutorials which I think all of us appreciate. Sammy also says that Galaxy device owners will be able to replace display assemblies, the back glass and even the charging ports. And users would also be able to return the used parts to ensure that they are responsibly recycled. Finally, they also mentioned that they will be adding more devices to this self-repair program though no time was provided. Honestly, I’m glad that more and more companies are doing this. Let’s see who’s next.

And finally for the hottest news today, let’s talk about Apple and he future of their products. We’ve talked extensively about the fact that Cupertino wants to do a foldable, but today we have two separate updates that shed some light on where things are headed. First off, we have a new report from Ming Chi Kuo, Apple is actively testing a foldable OLED that’s about 9-inches, something between the iPhone and iPad. Actually, he even clarifies that in order of priorities, Apple wants to first focus on a medium-sized product, and that they would then consider a larger and then a smaller product, all in that order. Currently, the testing Apple has been conducting is first to verify key technologies, so there’s a high possibility it might not be the final spec of the product. Then, he quote tweeted this to say he expected Apple to launch a foldable iPhone as soon as 2024, which could mean that a foldable iPad might happen earlier maybe? That’s just me speculating given their order of priorities. The second report is from The Elec which claims that the supplier for these foldable displays is LG, but then things get weird because even if an ultra-thin glass is part of the product, they mention that this could equip an iPad or even a MacBook, with display sizes being either 11 or even 17-inches.

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