SEGA’s new Super Games to use Unreal Engine 5, AI and Houdini

SEGA is using advanced next-gen technologies to build its new Super Games including Unreal Engine 5, AI, and procedural FX tools like Houdini, company management has confirmed.

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SEGA has big plans for the future of gaming. The company created a new term called Super Games to describe its ambitious idea; Super Games are described as massive online-driven inter-connected titles that engage players on all platforms all over the world. Phantasy Star Online 2 is a great example of a Super Game.

SEGA wants to have multiple Super Games on the market by 2030 and is investing over $800 million into this new plan while also converging all of its game development segments to work on the multi-game initiative.

To make these games a reality, SEGA is utilizing new tech to develop its Super Games like Unreal Engine 5, which features advanced Nanite micro-polygon virtualized geometry and new Lumen lighting systems, alongside next-generation cloud-based development environments powered by Microsoft’s Azure cloud network.

SEGA is also using Houdini, the same procedural generation FX tools that Epic Games used to build the city in its impressive The Matrix Awakens demo on PlayStation 5.

Here’s what SEGA producer Masayoshi Kikuchi said about the Super Games development environment:

“We are also actively incorporating new technologies from the outside. In the fall of 2021, we announced that we would consider a business alliance with Microsoft, but our goal is to explore the possibilities of technology that SEGA cannot have and create new ones. To achieve this, we are positively promoting partnerships with various companies and intending to incorporate them into the game.

“As an example of design development, we are working on building a development flow that automatically generates objects using software called “Houdini”. In modeling, we have also introduced technology such as creating CG from clothing patterns.

“We have prepared an environment where you can build a career in each work area, such as 3D models, motions, and effects. We will continue to actively invest in such environmental aspects.”

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“Development is basically done with Unreal Engine 5,” SEGA general Katsuya Hisai said.

“In addition, in collaboration with start-up companies that have AI technology, we are also taking on challenges using AI, from the back end such as debugging to the front such as in-game camera work, live commentary, and automatic voice synthesis.

“Right now, I’m trying to figure out what can be achieved through trial and error on various technologies. From that point of view, I think there are many opportunities to come into contact with the latest technology.”

SEGA hopes to have its first Super Game on the market by 2026.

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