Someone has made a ‘Superman’ game with Unreal Engine’s ‘Matrix’ demo

Since Epic Games released the code used to make The Matrix Awakens demo on Unreal Engine 5, developers have been creating all sorts of wild things in the game’s world – including a demo that sees Superman flying around the city.

Now, one developer has made their own Superman demo out of the code, and they’re looking to expand it into a fully-fledged game.

According to PCGamesN, developer Volod from Amber Studio, which works with Epic Games, used The Matrix demo as the foundation for their take on a Superman game (albeit without any infringing intellectual property from DC Comics).

Volod says that rather than simply using the CitySample stock layout provided by Epic, they created their own city grid in Houdini using Epic’s project files.

Volod then used a generic character and gave them Superman-like powers. The end result is pretty great, and you can take a look at the game in action below:

Happy with the initial experience, Volod announced that the studio will attempt to turn the tech demo into a full game that’s “not associated with the Superman IP,” and is looking for experienced concept and environmental artists.

The tech demo was partly created by ex-developers of Factor 5, the studio behind Star Wars: Rogue Squadron and a cancelled Superman game.

Epic released The Matrix Awakens at the end of last year to showcase the potential of Unreal Engine 5 on current-gen consoles.

The demo mixed film and in-engine footage to show off how realistic game characters and environmental assets look in the engine. Players were taken through a linear gameplay section featuring an on-rails shootout before allowing players to explore the unnamed Matrix city both on the ground and in the air.

In other news, a Subnautica sequel is in development at Unknown Worlds.

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