Tales of Arise Ufotable Animation Revealed Alongside New Gallery App

tales of arise ufotable

A new Tales of Arise animation by ufotable has been released, alongside the announcement of a brand-new gallery app for the game on consoles! Check out the trailer below, as well as details on the brand-new app for the best screenshots of Tales of Arise.

Featuring the studio behind the Fate/ and Demon Slayer series, ufotable brings forth a reintroduction to Alphen, Shionne, and the rest of the Tales of Arise cast in this beautifully animated trailer.

Besides the trailer, Bandai Namco also announced the release of the Tales of Arise Gallery App, available for download on the Xbox Games Store and PlayStation Network. The Gallery App allows fans to check out high resolution screenshots, art, and trailers for Tales of Arise all in one convenient place.

In case you missed it, Tales of Arise broke recerds with its release last year, becoming the fastest-selling game in the franchise spanning more than 25 years. It hit a million units sold in September 2021, and you can read more details on its sales records here.

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