This simple WhatsApp tip for iPhone users will stop people from prying into chats

If you have an iPhone and are using WhatsApp, then here is a tip that will save you often. WhatsApp lock feature allows you to lock your app to save your messages.

All your daily chats with friends, family or colleagues are available on your WhatsApp account. It has all the private and important information that you would like to remain hidden from prying eyes. The Meta-owned platform offers several privacy features such as two-step verification, end-to-end message encryptions, archiving chats mode, and a new disappearing messages mode. But among all these privacy tools offered by WhatsApp, one of the important features is the WhatsApp lock and you should get it working on your iPhone now. Just check out this easy to carry out WhatsApp tip

WhatsApp lock restricts anyone else from accessing your application on your smartphone without your approval. Basically, you can lock your Whatsapp with the fingerprint sensor or facial recognition feature. In fact, whether you are using an Android smartphone or an iPhone, the WhatsApp lock can be a smart key to properly secure your chats. Notably, you can still answer your WhatsApp call even if your app is locked, or even reply to messages from notifications on an iPhone, if you allow it. Overall, it can simply restrict anyone else from peeking inside your private chats on WhatsApp. Here’s the simple step-guide to know how to lock your WhatsApp on an Android and iPhone.

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