Vivo Pad’s OriginOS UI Mimics iPadOS, With Animations, Icons & More Being Similar to What Is Displayed on an iPad

When viewed from a distance, the Vivo Pad could be mistaken for an iPad, as the Chinese phone maker has taken inspiration from Apple’s tablet range and added it to its first-ever slate. However, one tipster reveals that it is not just the design that is similar to the iPad but also its interface. OriginOS looks remarkably similar to iPadOS, but some individuals in the discussion have not appreciated the path Vivo has taken.

Actions Involving the Opening, Minimizing, and Displaying Recent Apps on OriginOS, Along With Other Examples Show Vivo Paid Close Attention to iPadOS

Several Chinese phone manufacturers have been criticized for copying the design of several products launched by competitors like Apple. Ice Universe has recently taken to Twitter to show that OriginOS is a blatant copy of iPadOS and decided to demonstrate the interface and animations as proof. However, he does not criticize Vivo for taking this direction with the Vivo Pad, as he is pleased with how the tablet performs and encourages other companies to pick up what the Chinese firm has learned.

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His remark was not treated in a positive light, however, as many people on Twitter came to criticize Vivo for copying Apple’s iPadOS interface and animations and pasting it into its OriginOS, a customized Android skin. If you look carefully, opening, closing, minimizing apps, and other aspects on the Vivo Pad look extremely similar to iPadOS, which also makes it less surprising that the tablet is not officially available in the U.S.

When one Twitter user asked what is stopping Apple from taking legal action against Vivo, he received a reply that the Vivo Pad must be sold outside of China, implying that a launch must happen in the U.S. for Apple to take considerable action. The hardware running in the tablet is not flagship tier, though, as the Vivo Pad is powered by a Snapdragon 870, along with 8GB RAM, but it does have a 120Hz HDR10 IPS LCD screen.

Whether or not this hardware continues those fluid animations on OriginOS in the long-term is anyone’s guess, but if this tablet grows in popularity, other Chinese competitors might catch wind of the iPadOS copycat and adopt the same UI on their products.

News Source: Ice Universe

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