Watch this guy build a 27,000,000 mAh power bank


  • Chinese tinkerer Handy Geng has built what could be the world’s biggest power bank.
  • The 27 million mAh power bank can simultaneously run washing machines, TVs, and more. It can also charge a phone or two thousands of times over.
  • It’s also fully portable, but probably not pocketable.

Power banks and portable chargers just aren’t big enough nowadays. Sure, charging speeds are on the up and up, but why don’t we see nine-digit battery capacity figures? Well, a Chinese tinkerer has largely solved this problem by building his own power bank.

Handy Geng decided he was done toting around a much smaller power bank than his friends, so he decided to overcompensate massively. Geng claims his invention packs 27 million mAh of capacity — enough juice to charge around 5,000 phones with 3,000mAh batteries. Safe to say, you’ll probably never have to recharge it if you’re only using it for your handset.

The meat of the power bank appears to be a large battery pack you might find in electric vehicles. However, Geng builds most of the project himself, including a protective frame and wiring to run some 60 power ports.

Not only does it charge phones, but the power bank outputs enough juice to run large appliances simultaneously. Ever wanted to watch TV while fishing? This is the solution. Need your electric scooter charged in the middle of nowhere while running a twin-tub washing machine? No problem. Realistically, the project is miles over the top, but it’s also oddly practical.

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